Sannheten om operasjon «Vekteren på muren»

Operation Guardian of the Walls «Shomer Hachomot»
Let’s summarize the facts:
During the operation, about 4,360 rockets and mortar shells were fired at Israel, with 3,400 of them crossing Israeli territory,
680 falling in the Gaza Strip and about 280 falling into the sea.
On the other hand, the IDF attacked about 1,500 targets through thousands of armaments.
The success rate of the Iron Dome during the operation was about 90%.
Palestinians report more than 200 dead and 1,000 wounded, the numbers probably double if not triple.
Their electricity and water infrastructure were severely damaged.
Hundreds of kilometers of underground tunnels «Metro» which have been built for 7 years and billions of shekels, And constituted Hamas’ «super plan» in the event of a bankruptcy, were completely destroyed.
Most of the Hamas elite force «Nukhba» which specialized in underground warfare will remain forever as lumps of coal in the tunnels that have collapsed on them.
The Hamas UAV unit, both failed in all its activities and suffered severe blows in the production line and their UAV depots, they now have to order Mali Express skimmers.
Their «naval surprise» in the form of the submarine sabotage, managed to be in the water for 5 consecutive seconds, before it exploded with 4 Hamas terrorists trying to operate it.
All their rocket manufacturing plants were crushed.
Rocket reservoirs and depots were eliminated.
The rocket accuracy plant was eliminated.
Hamas’ «cyber center» has become a parking lot and a lot of electronic equipment that has been smuggled into the Gaza Strip for years has become a pile of junk.
Senior commanders, officers, fighters, vehicles, warehouses, offices, headquarters, weapons and rocket launchers, were crushed, blown up and destroyed.
When we hurt each and every one who was hurt, in the end the amount of losses on our side was lower than any conflict before we had this magnitude.
They thought they were going to surprise us with their improved rockets and concentrated barrages and they were surprised to find that the Iron Dome had become even more sophisticated!
The campaign was handled on the diplomatic side in a way that has never been the case and with no such results!
No condemnations at the UN, no fiery speeches by European leaders and we have not become the little devil again … Who dreamed?
Tomorrow morning when the residents of Gaza went out,
When the smoke and dust begin to disappear,
And when Hamas commanders crawl out of the tunnels in which they hid,
They will discover a new Gaza!
They will discover a new skyline,
Clean from the towers that blocked the sun.
They will discover redesigned roads and sidewalks,
Alongside land now vacated for new construction.
They will find that all the infrastructure has gone to Hamas,
They lost engineers, commanders and professionals who were critical to their move.
They will find that Hamas has gone back a decade,
And the whole of Gaza is back a generation!
This message will be heard throughout the Middle East in the distance.
Whoever thinks that Hamas’ most powerful weapon is its missiles, bombs or tunnels, Just do not understand anything!
The most powerful and threatening weapon in Hamas’ possession,
Is the cheap blood of its citizens,
Which he happily wastes,
To create international pressure on Israel!
They think the exact opposite of us
As for the leaders of the Hamas terrorist organization, Every Palestinian killed, every bleeding child coming out of the rubble, every family accidentally wiped out or a grandmother killed as a result of secondary damage to an attempt to eliminate terrorists, They see it as their victory!
Do you think that Muhammad Def is interested in what is happening to the residents of the Gaza Strip or to their economy?
They have no chance against the State of Israel in any possible parameter,
So they happily sacrifice their citizens, To receive the help of the nations of the world defeat us.
Muhammad Def and Yichya Sinwar crawled the day before the first rocket was launched, into a bunker about 30 meters underground, Above them is a hospital full of civilians.
They did not come out of their tunnels just «because their people are suffering».
For them, Israel can continue to bomb Gaza for another 5 months.
They know that a humanitarian crisis has already begun in the Gaza Strip,
They know that hundreds of thousands of new refugees have already been created in Gaza, And they know that from this point,
Whatever happens, will only help them extort money and gain legitimacy from the world, If you really care about the citizens of Gaza, free them from the clutches of Hamas, which holds them hostage.
But the strangest thing is that they still think they won the battle, as in every campaign so far, can someone bring some of the stuff they take…
Do you know any country in the world would have agreed to fight surgically in order to avoid harming the innocent and uninvolved after a fall of more than 1000 missiles a day on its citizens?
If New Jersey were to launch 1,000 missiles a day on New York, what would happen to it?

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