USA and UK, don't betray your allies

By Erez Uriely, Norway,   6.11.2001
Since the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center (WTC) of 11.9.2001, USA has declared war on international terrorism. They have targeted Al- Queda led by Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban regime of Afghanistan. Western European countries have joined the «coalition against terrorism», led by USA and UK. With each day that followed the attacks of 11.9, more countries have condemned terrorism and joined the coalition. However, three countries that are victims of terrorism are being ignored.
India has for many years been under attack by the Muslim Pakistan, that uses terrorism to force India to give away Kashmir. Pakistan possesses nuclear weapons and threatens India. India is a long-time ally of USA. Until 11.9, USA defined Pakistan as a violent dictatorship. However, as an incentive for joining the coalition, USA bribed Pakistan with financial help and has ended an embargo against Pakistan. Pakistan will doubtless use this capital to arm itself better to fight against India.
Turkey is the only Muslim ally of USA and the West. Under the Gulf war against Iraq, the allies used Turkey as a base. Turkey has strategic cooperation that benefits the West. Israel and Turkey are the closest bases the West has to the world’s major oil fields. Turkey suffers from terrorism by the Kurdish PKK that is run, armed and financed by Syria.
Israel, the only non-Muslim country located inside the hard core of the Muslim empire, with its vast influence on the industrial West, strongly dependent on Arab oil. Israel is also the only country in the region that can assure free passage for all in the strategic Suez Canal. In 1956, Egypt nationalized and blocked the canal. Israel, France and Britain liberated the vital passage. But USA used this opportunity to strengthen its contact with the Egyptian dictatorship and forced Britain, France and Israel to draw back. More than any other country in the world, Israel’s existence is endangered by the terrorism being organized by the Arab countries. The main terror-supporting countries fighting Israel are Syria and Egypt.
On the other side, countries guilty of committing terrorism have been admitted into the coalition or known as supportive. Saudi Arabia is financing and spreading the violent form of Islam, Wahabism, that advocates and promotes the suicide bombing of Jews in Israel and New York and the violent Islam in Egypt etc. But the Saud family has a lot of oil, so the West attacks Israel instead of placing the blame where it is deserved.
Syria has long been one of the greatest sponsors of international drug trafficking and terrorism, represented by Hizbollah and many other groups. Even more than Egypt, Syria has served as a shelter for nazi-criminals after World War II. This is not surprising when one sees the virulent hatred of Jews taught in Syria’s schools. Syria terrorizes and occupies Lebanon. USA supported Syria’s election to nothing less than the UN Security Council.
Egypt is the political leader of the Arab countries. Embraced by USA since the 1950’s, and is economically supported by USA since the Camp David «peace meetings» of 1978, Egypt is arming itself for war, using almost 30 % of its GDP for military build up, sporting state of the art US arms. Government-controlled media spread anti-Jewish, USA and Western propaganda that will only lead to war. USA considers Egypt as an ally. In the next war, many Jews will be killed by these arms, ‘Made in USA’.
PLO was established by the Arab countries, led by Egypt, as an instrument to fight against Israel. PLO produced the world’s largest terror network, supporting almost every terrorist organization in the world, including Bin Laden. PLO is involved in drug trafficking, robberies, blackmails and the mass-murder of Jews, Muslims and Christians. PLO (with Syria) massacred at least 100 000 Christians in Lebanon and «cleansed» Beit Lehem in Israel from Christians. PLOs military arm, Fatah, is also responsible for murdering US citizens. PLO is officially «against terrorism» and supports the anti-terror coalition.
Britain, that once controlled a large part of oil-rich Arabia would probably welcome an opportunity to replace USA’s favored position with that nation. To achieve this, their support for USA will be probably limited. Such has been their history in relation to the Jews. In 1917, Britain promised Palestine to the Jews (Balfour Declaration). In 1920 and 1922, Britain was given an international mandate from the League of Nations to realize the Jewish home land. In 1922, Britain cut of 75 % of it and created a new Muslim dictatorship, today’s Jordan. Britain supported the Arab wars against the Jews, prohibited Jews who escaped Nazi Europe from entering their only possible shelter- the Jewish homeland. Britain supported extermination of Jews and almost exterminated the Jewish state, supplying weapons to Arabs. In 1948, Jordan occupied Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem. Only Pakistan and Britain recognized this occupation. Some months earlier (in 1947), Britain ended their colonization of India, not before they caused its cut of part of it to create Pakistan. Once again, Britain created a Muslim dictatorship, that now “fights terrorism”.
USA is a problematic case. The people, Senate and Congress stand firm against terrorism. However, The White House fights only terrorism that hits USA. USA does not fight against PLO, but supports it. Bush is criticizing Israel for its self-defense against terrorism and is pressing Israel to establish a PLO- state. USA supports Pakistani terrorism, by pressing India to surrender to Pakistan and give them Kashmir. USA’s support to Syria will definitely weaken Turkey and Israel. USA has been financing and training PLO. USA has still not learned from experience that supporting evil forces could turn against them, as happened with Mugahedin, Iran, Iraq. It will soon happen again.
We have to fight against terrorism wherever it is. USA and Britain have to learn who their allies and foes are. They are technologically advanced, but strategically confused. Greedy interests within the oil and arms industries are willing to sacrifice allies, such as Turkey, Israel and India, allowing the «oil-for-arms» economy to flourish. This hypocrisy must be exposed and leadership must be forced to fight terrorism world-wide and not on a selective basis.

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